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The opportunity to work with a professional concert pianist.

I am lucky enough to have studied with many very fine teachers, and at least two of them,  Sulamita Aronovsky and Alexander Kelly were crucial parts not only of my own development but of a significant number of other pianists. 

I can also say that it has been through teaching that I have learned the most about improving my own playing. There is something about the process of analysis and explanation to students, all of whom have their own unique qualities, which is extremely helpful in determining how things can made more technically reliable, expressive or musical for both student and teacher.

Jonathan Phillips Piano

My teaching career started at the very top of the music profession when I was invited to join the Piano Teaching staff at ChethamsSchool in Manchester after I Graduated from the RNCM in 1982. I had been assisting in the music department there as an undergraduate, and went on to become a full time member of staff, and also an assistant House Master. My association with Chethams lasted from 1980 until 1985.

Additionally I was Head of Keyboard at St Paul's Cathederal Choir School, I also taught at St Paul's Girls school in Hammersmith, as well as at Benenden, Tonbridge School, and Latymer Upper School.


So, bottom line is this. I have a lot of experience as both a performer, recording artist and as a teacher. My studio with its 1982 Model D Steinway is in the Cotswolds. I teach adults, and like to think I could help you with some if not all of the following things:

Mastery of Technique • Artistry • Expression • Repertoire Selection • Performance Experience • Personalised guidance • Inspiration • Insight • Motivation • Long term Goal achievement

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